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Select Your Realtor Agent

  • Discuss your housing wants and needs with your Realtor agent
  • Discuss and Sign a Buyer Agency Agreement with your Realtor agent​
    •    A buyer agency agreement determines how you would like to be represented, clarifies my commission will be paid by the seller as part of the contract and allows your agent (me) to give you advice and negotiation assistance during showings, with offers, etc.  If there isn’t a buyer agency agreement, the agent must act on behalf of the seller.

Contact A Lender

  • Contact a Lender to establish a price range and financing terms you’re comfortable with. 
  • Ask them to give you a Prequalification Letter to submit with any Offers to Purchase
  • Looking for a Lender recommendation?  Always use someone local!  Try contacting:
    • Bryan Bazan at Bank of Sun Prairie 608-839-3977 bryan.bazan@bankofsunprairie.com 
    • Ben Samson at Park Bank at 608-662-9404 or bsamson@parkbank.com
    • Carissa Peterson at Settlers Bank  608-842-5029 or cpeterson@settlerswi.com 

Choose a Home

  • Your Realtor agent will set up showings on homes for you to view together based on your wants and needs (Keep in mind that most showings require 24 hours notice.)
  • Know the 85% Rule – if a home meets 85% of your criteria – it should be at the top of your list
  • Once you’ve chosen a home, your agent will draft an Offer to Purchase with you and discuss the various pieces including Earnest Money, Inspections, Contingencies, Closing Date, Home Warranty, etc.
  • Your agent will also draft and negotiate counter offers with you as necessary and guide you through the inspection process and other contingencies listed in the offer to purchase.                            

Congratulations On Your Accepted Offer!

  • Your agent can give you recommendations for different contractors to perform the inspections and tests if requested in the Offer to Purchase and help you schedule them. 
  • Your agent will also help you negotiate through the inspection process and draft a Notice of Defects requesting any work that may need to be done on the home prior to closing.
  • Your agent will forward a copy of the accepted offer to your lender.  Your lender will order an appraisal and then submit everything for final loan approval. Once approved, they will issue you a loan commitment, which will satisfy the financing contingency in your Offer to Purchase.
  • Your agent will schedule a final walk through for you to see the home together a day or two prior to closing.


  • Your Realtor agent will coordinate and schedule the closing at a title company. 
  • The title company will work with your lender to prepare a Closing Statement a couple of days prior to closing showing the exact amount you’ll need to bring to closing in the form of a cashiers check. 
  • Bring your drivers license or ID, sign all of the necessary papers then receive the keys and start moving!

Don’t ever hesitate to contact me with any questions!  I look forward to working with you!

Tonya Nye