Prepare your home for a fast sale

If you are about to put your house up for sale, there are certain things you should do in order to get the most amount of money for your home:

Make sure your home is move in ready. Fix anything that may be broken, worn, or outdated. Otherwise, potential buyers may think that you did not care for your house and might be concerned that other parts of the home were not maintained properly. Walls should not have any dents, scratches, or marks. Replace all light bulbs that are not working. Make sure to also keep personal items in good repair, such as your furniture, bedding, and kitchenware. 

Your home should be spotless when it is on the market. Deep clean everything including your microwave, oven, refrigerator, blinds, behind furniture, ceiling fans, windows, under your sink, carpets and every place that does not get cleaned weekly. (If this seems overwhelming, I can recommend a few cleaners to help you!) Also, remove cigarette, pet, trash, cooking, and musty smells. Consider adding air fresheners that have a light pleasing smell of cookies, fruit or something neutral.  Don't overdo the air fresheners or potential buyers might think you are trying to hide something. 

Clutter makes a room look smaller and can evoke stress in people. Declutter your entire home.  Closets should be 1/2 to 3/4 full so it seems that there is plenty of storage in the home. Organize your cabinets and closets. Kitchen countertops should have very few items on them to make the kitchen feel larger. Your refrigerator should have nothing attached to it. If needed, rent a storage unit to keep some of your stuff while your home is on the market

Remove any items that are specific to you and your family. Personal items include family photos, religious items, and items with your name on them. If you have a bold wall color, repaint it a neutral color so you don't offend any buyers. If your bedrooms are gender specific, such as pink and purple, they will not appeal to potential buyers with all boys. Your home should be generic enough that they can picture themselves living there. You want your potential buyers to feel comfortable in your home. 

Potential buyers coming to view your house will spend several seconds standing on your front porch while the Realtor opens the lock box and unlocks the door. The front porch is where potential buyers get their first up close look at your home, so make sure it looks good. Touch up paint on the door and frame if necessary. Keep your lawn tidy and consider planting some seasonal flowers. Remove all toys and keep your trash cans out of sight. If your neighbor's lawn in not mowed, ask if you can mow it for them. 

If you do the correct upgrades, your home will sell faster and you could get all of the upgrade money back when you sell. Consider adding some wow factor to your home to make it stand out from all of the other homes. You can upgrade some light fixtures, faucets and/or do something simple like painting your front door an accent color.  Give the potential buyers something special to remember. Ask your Realtor for advice on appropriate upgrades.

You’re Ready For Showings!
Your beds should always be made, clothes put away, and make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink. Potential buyers like homes with lots of light. Leave your curtains and blinds open, lights on and low music playing. 

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